Making ‘natural’ real and relatable


With consumers increasingly trading-up to premium varieties, competition in the natural pet food segment was growing. More and more of the big brands were launching ‘natural’ variants with a host of newcomers also entering the market. After a period of steady post-launch growth, how could Webbox make their Natural range stand out from the rest?



Creating standout in the crowded 'natural' pet food market


Although the market was crowded, there was relatively little distinction between any of the natural pet food brands. Many relied on the same muted colours, the same aspirational rural aesthetic, and the same soft-toned, country-loving language and making their ‘passion’ for pets the focus of their heritage story. However, an in-depth profile of the natural pet shopper highlighted that this simply wasn’t the life that most owners were living.

With their reputation as a no-nonsense, value brand, Webbox had an opportunity to own a unique position in the natural food segment. By representing the busy, hectic and hilarious reality of pet ownership as experienced by most of their urban and suburban customers, they could position themselves as the brand who really ‘got it’ and knew how to do the right thing for their audience’s perfectly imperfect pets.

To bring the idea to life, we recruited a selection of real pet owners, putting them and their stories of life with their furry friends at the heart of the campaign.


Combining a mixture of short-term activation led tactics and longer-term brand building activities, the “Real Pets, Real People, Real Life” campaign really resonated with consumers. Generating an uplift in brand engagement metrics across social and digital channels that translated into strong online sales – increasing direct website orders by 116% in 2019. Over the course of 2 years, Webbox Natural grew 360% in grocery – more than doubling its share of the total Petcare market.

  • 116%

    increase in direct website orders in 2019

  • 360%

    overall growth in grocery

  • 104%

    Increase in organic site visits in 2019