Digital trends in the KBB sector: 2022

The kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms (KBB) sector is one we’re well versed in here at OBM. For over 40 years we’ve worked with a raft of clients in this sector, delivering insightful marketing strategy and impactful brand activations.

Keeping our eyes on the KBB industry as a whole is paramount to what we do, therefore today we’re going to explore some digital trends in the space.

A stand-out website

The entire world has spent copious amounts of time scrolling on screens at home in recent years. With the forced change in our shopping habits, it’s no surprise that those brands who invest time in their website and user experience will reap the benefit both this year and beyond.

Websites shouldn’t be seen as just an e-commerce function but also a virtual showroom to display products, an online brochure where brands can communicate features or new initiatives as well as somewhere to inspire a purchase.

To do this, websites must be fit for purpose in 2022. This includes the following elements:

Better UX – the user experience should be a slick one without clunky, slow-loading pages. Load speed should be three seconds or less as users simply won’t wait around. Pages should be clearly laid out, easy to find and not too text heavy. Mobile accounts for approximately half of web traffic worldwide, therefore it’s crucial that the UX reflects this.

Interesting content – in the KBB space there is a wealth of different things to talk about on your website. It need not be all about the products on offer but, for example, could be about home tips and advice. Giving the user a reason to view multiple pages of the site will increase their dwell time and keep their eyes fixed on your site and not your competitors’.

Thoughtful design – alongside a website’s user experience, a modern, professional design can leave an impact on the user. It’s good to remember that your website is your online shop window and those that look stunning have the ability to sway decisions and leave a lasting impression on the user.

Good e-commerce functionality – making it as easy as possible for customers to buy from you will enhance your chance of repeat visits. Similar to UX and website design, having an e-commerce function which is intuitive with quick load speeds and relevant suggested additional purchases can help drive online revenue.

Come back soon! – even once visitors have left, having a retargeting strategy can help your brand stay in front of prospect customers as they roam around elsewhere online. Serving highly personalised display ads reflecting content they’ve found on your site gives you a second bite of the cherry and the chance to bring them back to make a purchase or at least keep researching.

People still need inspiration

The popularity of home projects hit an all-time high during lockdown. In fact, we spent an average of £4,035.70 each on home renovations in the first six months after lockdown restrictions began in March 2020. And this trend shows no signs of slowing. As long as the UK’s obsession with house renovation continues, you can rest assured that we’ll always think they can be improved.

The KBB industry has seen trends in consumers looking online for inspiration for their own spaces over recent years. It only takes a quick look at the Instagram hashtags #homeinspo and #homeinspiration to see the appetite which, at the time of writing, include 9 million and 6.3 million posts respectively.

Social media has meant ideas are plentiful as well as being easily accessible. Appliances paired beautifully with kitchen colour schemes and well thought out décor on a social media account can be the inspiration behind someone else’s purchase.

As one Symphony Director explained recently: “We’re seeing a marked trend in consumers researching online for inspiration for their home renovations, as such, we’ve seen record numbers of visitors to our website, and all our social channels have great engagement rates. We expect this trend to continue.”

Rethinking design to keep up with 4K and 5G

Technological advancements including the increased adoption of 4K and the roll-out of 5G in the coming years mean more scope for stunning, interactive digital marketing. Illustrators and designers will be able to generate environments that rely less on text and illustrative images and instead can feature even more video, 3D animation and interactivity. And who knows, in the near future, will we see VR showroom visits in the Metaverse? This opens up a world of possibility and could result in a much more engaging user experience for the KBB consumer and a richer way to tell a brand’s story.

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