Eff-ing brilliant!

One of the great things about working at an agency like One is the focus placed on continuous professional development (CPD). For somebody like me – who loves to learn something new every day – it gives me an opportunity to keep on top of the latest insights and trends that can make our clients’ campaigns even better. I’ve always had an interest in being able to prove conclusively to clients that their work is working, so in January I jumped at the opportunity to undertake the IPA Eff Test – an intensive crash-course in Marketing Effectiveness.

Historically, the view has been that agencies have shied away from discussing effectiveness with their clients, for fear that delving too deeply might uncover that – shock, horror – their campaigns weren’t actually delivering the results that they had promised. The IPA developed the Eff Test to empower marketing professionals to discuss the effectiveness of their campaigns with confidence, by bringing Effectiveness Measurement in to the early phases of Campaign Planning. The syllabus delivers a comprehensive understanding of Effectiveness Planning, right from setting campaign objectives, through to understanding which metrics will prove conclusively if those objectives have been met, and how to implement strategies to achieve those objectives along the way.

Whilst I never expected the exam to be easy, I have to admit that the Eff Test was even more of a challenge than I’d thought. Having not taken an exam for nearly 10 years, my revision skills were beyond rusty!  But in the end, all of the late nights and long weekends were worth it – and I was incredibly proud to receive a Pass with Credit in July.

Whilst I don’t want to say that the Eff Test has changed my life, it has changed the way that I think about Marketing Effectiveness, and how I approach it with clients. Effectiveness measurement needs to become one of the first things that we discuss together, making sure that clear, measurable objectives for the campaign are defined right from the beginning, and that we’re thinking about the metrics that we need to consider all the way through the development of the campaign. In this way, we can work together to build a comprehensive set of measurements that can be taken back to the wider business, helping them to see and understand the impact that the marketing team are having on the bottom line.