Has lockdown changed the way we use our homes forever?

In a pre-Covid world the idea of working from home was often used by many companies, including One Brand Magic, to provide employees with flexibility when it came to getting their head down away from the hustle and bustle of office life, or simply being able to let a tradesman in. Not anymore.

The rate at which the entire world, where possible, has adapted to at home working is commendable, once we all got over the early tech gremlins that provided frustrating little speedbumps due to the mass exodus of office workers setting up at home. Slow broadband and poor connections were further impacted when 955 thousand households tuned into PE with Joe Wickes on the 24th March 2020. Day one of the first UK-wide lockdown.

No matter whether you live in a flat, a semi-detached house or a cottage in the country, the way you use your home will have changed, probably forever. However, regardless of your relationship status, family maturity, or whether you are living with friends, there are some common themes that will have no doubt presented themselves regardless of the household make up.

We are motivated to renovate

Broadly speaking, as we are spending more time at home, we want to make sure the space we live in is at the very least comfortable and fit for purpose. We have had more dwell time to consider all those rainy-day jobs and fix the areas of the home that we were perhaps a little too busy to get to before. The 2020 Renovation Nation Report by money.co.uk suggests that 65% of homeowners have invested in renovating their homes, spending on average over £4,000 per household. This trend looks set to continue with 73% of homeowners suggesting that they will be spending more time at home when restrictions are eased.

The rise of broken-plan living

One of the most popular interior design trends for the past few years has been open plan, but with the functionality of our home changing this has given rise to a shift towards ‘broken plan’.

Being able to define certain areas of the home is becoming more desirable according to home remodelling platform, Houzz. Not only is it important to physically distance ourselves from work or educational environments when we’re ‘at home’, but it’s equally important to  be able to do those things in relative privacy. Homeowners can still enjoy the benefits and feel of open plan by creating subtle divisions in their house with designated areas, partition walls, functional furniture and other techniques.

Reliance on the appliance

Research by appliance giant, Haier Europe, suggests that Brits’ appliance habits have drastically changed since the first lockdown. With more time at home, we have been putting the laundry on more in the morning, where traditionally there would have been two daily peaks, one in the morning and one in the evening. There has also been a nationwide increase in demand for dishwashers and freezers, suggesting that we’re cooking more from scratch and are planning our meals better.

Appliance manufacturers have long proffered the idea of a smart and connected kitchen. According to Consultancy.uk, cooking at home is a major trend to hit UK households as result of the pandemic, with people making their own dinner in Britain increasing by almost 10% since the outbreak. So, the idea that we can use an app on our phone to check cooking progress, as well as other innovative features is now a prospect that many recently switched-on home cooks will appreciate. 

Many of our clients here at One Brand Magic have had to pivot and change their marketing strategies because of the way that their consumers have been living and staying at home. If you’re looking to launch a new product, a new brand or need some guidance on how to adapt, we’re more than happy to have a chat. Just email us on [email protected], or call 0161 968 6900 and someone will pick up, probably from their lounge…