Introducing… Courtney, Account Manager

For our latest update, we would like to introduce you to Courtney, an Account Manager here at OBM who joined in October 2021. Courtney previously worked for IPOS, a creative and production agency for over three years as their Senior Account Manager and adds a wealth of knowledge and experience to our Client Services team.

Getting stuck into tasks and meeting clients straight away, Courtney describes herself as an extrovert who likes to be around people, and we’re certain that at least one answer that she has given us in her Q&A will leave you surprised. Read on to find out more.

  • What have you enjoyed most so far in your new role? I loved meeting everybody at the agency and learning about the clients I’m working with.
  • What is your favourite Netflix show at the moment? Dynasty (I watch rubbish, haha). It’s a binge-worthy Netflix series that follows two of America’s wealthiest families as they feud for control over their families, fortune and fame.
  • What’s the biggest difference between your old role and your new one? My old role involved a lot of print and production whereas most of the activity I’m managing now is landing online. I’m really enjoying the change and learning opportunities this offers me.
  • How are you getting on with Hybrid working? I really enjoy it – I’m an extrovert, so enjoy being around people. However the days at home are great and give me a break from the traffic. I usually travel to the office from my home in Rochdale.
  • What is your all-time favourite movie line? ‘Sanka you dead man’, from the movie ‘Cool Runnings’. An absolute classic.
  • If Hollywood made a movie about you, who would play you? If there was ever a movie about me, I think Rebel Wilson would play me. Her comedic sense of humour matches mine.
  • People would be surprised if they knew… I was a Great British athlete. I competed in a sport called Double Mini Trampolining, which falls within the gymnastics family. I went to the World Cup in Sweden and won Silver.

As we interviewed Courtney, I had a bit of a Google search, and found a few videos where you can watch her competing and showing her skills. One video uploaded by ‘British Gymnastic’ you can watch here and another from the women’s team final of the 2011 Trampolining and Tumbling World Championships, which you can watch here.

  • Best thing you’ve learned in the last month? I have learnt more about Augmented Reality recently through a conversation with Aisha, our Head of Digital. She pointed me to a few YouTube videos so I could understand the topic further – it’ll be interesting to see how brands evolve their use of AR in the future.
  • Which three words would your friends use to describe you? Confident, optimistic, and friendly!
  • How do you define success? Being happy and content in life.
  • What was your first ever job? Coaching gymnastics.
  • How would you describe your job to a small child? A tough question! I would describe it as follows: “I help shops sell their toys and let you know when they have new toys on the way.”