My thoughts: experiencing the magic as a first-year student

Joining the agency for a month of work experience, undergraduate Rocco Rivlin shares his thoughts on his time spent with us at One Brand Magic.

Taking the opportunity 

The opportunity at One Brand Magic resulted from a presentation the agency gave at Manchester Metropolitan University. I’m a first-year business and marketing student there, with a lot of ambition and interest in the industry – but still trying to find where I best fit. 

I jumped at the chance to see the presentation and learn more from the team at OBM. It was a hugely helpful experience to me, and when I saw a contact email at the end of the session, I was keen to explore the possibility of working with such a well-known creative agency.

To my delight they were very happy to take me on, and I soon found myself working two days a week for a month.

Gaining insight

I went into my first day unsure of what to expect from the experience – fortunately, I was quickly put at ease in my induction.

My time at OBM allowed me to attend insightful meetings with the social, PR and creative departments. I was also lucky enough to sit in on a company-wide presentation where I met more of the team and picked up key industry knowledge such as how to implement reactive PR, and how to best deal with journalists! The team’s enthusiasm was infectious and motivating – this was encapsulated by Cam Deegan, who handled my experience.

Not only did Cam pass on a wealth of information about the non-stop world of client services, but he was also always at hand with task feedback and general advice.

Cam was incredibly supportive and made me feel that the team cared about my personal development within the industry. Having the opportunity to work on such a wide variety of tasks for different clients and departments was critical in helping me gain a rounded understanding of the profession, and in massively progressing my skill set.

Whether it was industry reviews, community audits or research work for the OBM ‘HIT’ (Hints, Insights and Tips newsletter), I really enjoyed tackling new challenges and advancing my own awareness of the field.

Looking to the future

On my last day I was able to spend time with CEO, Graeme Wood. This was the cherry on top of an already brilliant experience and to get Graeme’s worldly advice was a privilege I won’t soon forget.

I’m deeply appreciative of the time spent working at OBM and would like to thank the whole team for making it so impactful. I’m motivated to succeed in business and am delighted to have the initial OBM agency experience under my belt for the future.