Standing out at KBB Birmingham

The bi-annual KBB Birmingham is a gathering of experts, professionals and key players from the full spectrum of the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom industry. It’s a highly-anticipated event and an invaluable opportunity to showcase your brand, expand your network, create hype for your forthcoming products and solidify your place in this highly competitive landscape.

With decades of experience and a broad range of clients in the sector, we like to think we know a thing or two about KBB. As well as this, despite a diverse range of high-quality stands at this year’s exhibition, we’re pleased to say our creative concept work with Blum helped acquire the coveted ‘Best Stand Award’. So, here’s our take on how to make an effective KBB stand:

Aligning your concept

When planning for a stand at KBB, ensuring you know what you want to say, and how you want to say it, is the backbone of any project. An overarching concept, like Blum’s ‘Think Differently’, should guide your visuals and be consistent throughout any creative executions.


Ensuring typography is consistent and of a high-quality is key to communicating your brand’s ethos in a concise and aesthetically-pleasing way. It’s important to remember that passers-by will make a conclusion on whether they like you or not almost immediately, so eye-catching typography makes for an incredibly effective method. Strong typography will draw attention to your key literal messages and help ensure visitors see both style and substance at your stand.

An inviting space

Unsurprisingly, much like inviting guests into your home, your stand needs to be physically welcoming. A comfortable space to walk into or through with minimal obstacles is vital; don’t let your creative ideas become an obstruction or try to cram too many products on show. It’s easy to overlook how important this is, but if your stand is too busy or awkwardly arranged, passers-by may be apprehensive about engaging and you could be missing invaluable passing traffic or connections.


A creative method of ensuring you are communicating the right messages in the right order is to arrange your creative in a way which guides traffic and creates a logical flow to your display. By establishing cues which facilitate order, you can ensure your story is told in the way it is intended and traffic moves through in an orderly manner.

Make it an experience

Visual aesthetic helps you stand out amongst the competition, but displays that incorporate an interactive element or provide a take-away token can be much more memorable, especially to consumers. A common but effective method is to use a game or competition to encourage engagement directly and also on social media. Executions of this could be submitting a photo or story, solving a puzzle or playing a game of chance. Tote bags, pens and promotional material can add the finishing touches to this experience too.

Ultimately, a show-stopping exhibition needs professional, expert, planning and execution. If you’re looking to make a bang at the next KBB Birmingham, bolster attention for a new product, or simply need help with your marketing communications, get in touch with our team and let’s chat.

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