The One Awards 2018

2018 has served up some major moments in the marketing industry. From brands capitalising on key events such as The World Cup and Royal Wedding to further closures on the high-street, a demand for organisations to increase transparency and continued growth in ethical consumerism, it’s been an interesting year to navigate. So, without further ado, we present a yearly round-up of 12 award-worthy happenings, from campaigns that perfectly captured the mood of the nation to the biggest scandal of the year…

1 – Anti-climactic event of the year
Following several high-profile scandals surrounding the misuse of personal data, GDPR seemed to be a welcome change that could ensure our information would be processed and handled more ethically. Unfortunately, after the mass of ‘stay in touch’ emails and uncertainty whether recent data breaches (namely British Airways, Dixons Carphone, Marriott) fall under the GDPR sanctions, this event has been anti-climactic, to say the least.

2 – Launch of the year
Apple is no stranger to art-led advertising and this year the brand enlisted director Spike Jonze and artist FKA twigs to launch the HomePod. Set to an Apple Music exclusive from Anderson .Paak and using world-bending effects completely produced on set, this charming film helped bring the HomePod to life and wins our launch of the year.

3 – Scandal of the year
Cambridge Analytica became embroiled in one of the biggest personal information breaches of the year, after they were found to have created psychological profiles from the data of 50 million Facebook profiles, to build a system that could target users with personalised political ads – all without their permission. Facebook also managed to land themselves in hot water after it came to light the social network had been aware of the issue since 2015.

4 – Best way to fix a FCK up
When thinking of the possible problems KFC could face, running out of chicken is probably the most inconceivable. So, when disaster struck in February and they had to close a number of restaurants temporarily due to a chicken shortage, this threatened to derail the brand. But a quick-witted crisis management campaign saw KFC apologising for the mess up in a sincere yet light-hearted way, that won the forgiveness of their carnivorous fans.

5 – The corniest response to the Sugar Tax
Following the introduction of the sugar tax in April, we saw soft-drinks manufacturers across Great Britain put their best efforts into encouraging consumers to drink diet and sugar-free beverages. However, one Diet Coke ad stood out for all the wrong reasons. In a try-hard attempt to be relatable to millennials, who love athleisure and living in yurts (apparently), the ad makes for an uncomfortable watch from start to finish.

6 – Biggest misuse of a Twitter Handle
In amongst the Christmas ads of 2018, one really caught our attention, John Lewis. No, we’re not referring to the one with a questionable focus on Elton John, but rather Twitter’s tongue-in-cheek contribution that centered around the ‘real’ John Lewis. In a case of mistaken identity, an American lecturer using the Twitter handle @JohnLewis receives more than 50,000 tweets a year meant for the UK retailer, but this festive season he’s become a star in his own right…

7 – The idea you wish you’d had
When thinking of brands at the forefront of creativity, Stabilo Boss may not be the first to come to mind. However, their ‘Highlight the Remarkable’ campaign is a masterclass in going against the grain and left us wishing that we’d come up with the idea. Created by DDB Group Dusseldorf, the meaningful print ads draw attention to “remarkable” women who played important roles in history but remained seemingly invisible. Going viral, the campaign was lauded across social media and it’s easy to see why.

8 – The future-first award
2018 was the year that the anti-plastic movement was pushed further into the spotlight. With the need to make a change in order to save our oceans becoming more urgent, this has encouraged brands big and small to help fight the war on waste. A collaboration between Corona and charity Parley for the Oceans inspired an Out-of-Home campaign that hijacked iconic visions of paradise, soon to be plagued by plastic pollution. The ‘Wave of Waste’ was created using actual beach litter and encouraged Londoners to drop off their own plastic waste at the site of the billboard.

9 – The rising star
As the vision of a connected life is becoming a reality, voice is being tapped as the marketing trend to watch (or hear). With home assistants integrating into mainstream households, smart appliances becoming readily available and even connected cars becoming a significant point of contact in the purchase journey, voice-first technology is predicted to change how consumers and businesses search for things they need and therefore how we should market to them. But, is the industry being a little fanciful in claiming this is the next major disruptor in advertising?

10 – The fine line between creepy and innovative award
Artificial Intelligence was a hot topic in 2018 and shows no sign of cooling off in the new year. Pointing towards a future where machines not only physically build and create but also help us humans with the planning and decision making. Deep learning is just one part of AI that has sparked debate amongst academics and industry folk alike, this process allows machines to discover the most useful patterns from raw data and create their own rules to follow, as opposed to a programmer manually inputting them, ultimately learning and acquiring skills without human involvement – something about this makes us feel a little uneasy.

11 – Capturing the zeitgeist award
This year a number of exciting events graced our screens and, as a nation, we wholeheartedly got involved in the festivities. The World Cup inspired brands to get creative with marketing, showing their support for the England team without splashing out on an official sponsorship deal. In a piece of blatant ambush marketing, cute lion emojis began popping up on Three UK signs across the country and, once it was no longer coming home, they aptly shed a tear.

12 – Greatest reveal of the year
Politics has been particularly hard to avoid this year as it has been thrust into our media of choice on a weekly/daily/hourly basis. With a general consensus of uncertainty, disdain and boredom, it can’t be denied the topic has left much to be desired, but in amongst the noise there has been some clever campaigning. What seems to be a standard political attack-ad, turns out to be a pretty awkward moment for Congressman Paul Gosar.


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