The Six Best Bits of Football Related Design & Art Direction

To celebrate England’s nailbiting progression in the 2018 World Cup I’ve decided to put together a list of the best design and art direction from the world of football; a list that is obviously completely subjective, but if you disagree you are wrong.

The Secret Tournament – 2002

Potentially one of the best ads ever made, The Secret Tournament was directed by Terry Gilliam and cost $100 million, so I guess it’s not surprising. Also Eric Cantona.

’66 Was a Great Year for English Football – 1994

Speaking of which. I was 8 years old when this ad first ran (sorry). I think it might have been one of the first that I fully appreciated for its wit and its aesthetic. It certainly stuck with me. But I was kind of obsessed with Eric Cantona back then so…

Italia ’90 Mascot – 1990

Utterly bonkers, utterly unforgettable. The London 2012 logo of its day. Compared to mascots prior to and since Italia ’90 this is peerless, apart from perhaps…

Kingsley – 2015

I mean, this is just glorious. Created for Partick Thistle by Turner Prize nominated artist David Shrigley; the amount of publicity Kingsley’s quirky look generated for them was staggering. His introduction trended worldwide on Twitter and was even featured on CNN and in Time Magazine.

West Germany Away Strip – 1988-91

This year, everyone has been going wild for the Nigerian strip, but for me the West Germany away strip from 1988-91 is the best example of a World Cup strip. Unfortunately the team wore this when they beat England in Italia ’90. But nothing’s perfect, I guess.

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