Partnering a market leader for over four decades


Franke are the world’s leading sink and tap manufacturer based in Aarburg, Switzerland. They entered the UK market in the mid-70s distributed via entrepreneur Duncan Marr’s home garage. After this inauspicious start, they quickly gained a reputation – and market share – based on Swiss precision engineering, innovation, style and, critically, strong investment in brand building. And we’ve been central to the latter since day one.

Arthur Wood, the agency’s founder and father of our current owner, secured the marketing contract in 1976 and we’re incredibly proud to still call them a client today.


Franke enjoy higher consumer awareness than any of their competitors, but the trade channels are the major focus of marketing efforts. Sold via third-party distributors, big brand multiples and a select network of independent kitchen studios, we have helped shape and deliver the Franke brand story through each channel, as well as driving consumer interest and demand.

Of course, the nature of their marketing activity has changed as dramatically as the commercial and cultural landscape. Arthur and Duncan built the brand on press advertising, direct mail and long lunches with the trade. Fast forward to today where an integrated strategy cuts across social, digital, content, programmatic and press advertising, all rooted in the brand’s ‘Make it wonderful’ positioning.


It’s difficult to whittle down a client-agency relationship of over 40 years but recent highlights include:

Waste disposal unit advertising

Brand press advertising

Vital filter tap launch campaign

Brand ambassador awareness campaign

Fit Franke First installer loyalty programme

Franke head office graphics

More In Store Retailer Engagement


The outcome of all we do with Franke – a combination of short-term sales activations and long-term brand building strategies – is continuing leadership of the UK taps and sinks market in both share and value.