Using magic to myth bust waste disposal units


Living under sinks and eating our leftovers, waste disposal units (WDUs) are curious creatures. Out of sight and out of mind, have you ever wondered just how these mysterious machines work? Or what you can and can’t put down them? Are they noisy? Tricky to fit? Do they eat forks or (worse) fingers? These are the questions often asked about WDUs. So Franke tasked us with creating a video to educate retailers and help them to sell the concept to consumers.


In a sector led by the heavily-advertised Insinkerator brand, how could we ensure our efforts wouldn’t go to waste (sorry)? By producing an upbeat, engaging animation that would demystify WDUs and highlight the reasons to choose Franke over competitors.


The video has been a big success for Franke, receiving extremely positive feedback from both retail customers and the sales team. As a result, Franke WDUs volume sales have seen a 20% uplift since the video went live and it’s been viewed over 45,000 times on YouTube; making the animation an extremely cost-effective investment.


Uplift in volume sales


Views on YouTube