Helping Marley rewrite
the book on clay pantiles


First manufactured in the Netherlands over 500 years ago, clay pantiles are commonly used on properties across the UK. Over that time, their basic design has changed very little. Until very recently.

As a leading name in the roofing sector, Marley developed the Eden pan tile to offer faster, easier installation while retaining all the beauty and character of a traditional clay roof.

Taking on the concept of how Marley had ‘rewritten the book on clay pantiles’, we were tasked with rolling out an integrated campaign to target roofing specifiers and contractors.


Further developing the concept and utilising a number of existing visual assets, we created a range of social posts, featuring static graphics and animations, along with direct mail pieces and a sales video. Across these executions, we produced a range of messaging to communicate the many benefits of installing Eden over other pan tiles.


For confidentiality reasons, we aren’t able to publish commercial results. However, Eden pantile sales have been very positive since the activity went live and the campaign has been well received by client and customers alike.