Addressing the elephant
in the room


Sika have long been regarded as the market leader in cold-applied roof waterproofing systems. Their strategy has been to educate the sector about the relative safety benefits of ‘cold-applied’ over ‘hot works’ systems. However, with the hot works market seeing significant growth, Sika felt that the time was right to launch SikaBit – a torch-on felt product designed with safety in mind. Aware that they weren’t part of the established consideration set for hot works solutions, Sika were looking for a big, impactful campaign idea that would generate maximum awareness of their new product.


Through audience interviews and social listening, we established that although Sika weren’t known for hot works, they still had a great reputation for roofing systems generally, and contractors and specifiers expected them to provide a quality product regardless of category. In a commodity market, the Sika brand became their biggest asset. But there was one problem – their previous concerns about hot works were well known, and the seemingly sudden change of heart was likely to raise some questions. In response, the SikaBit launch campaign tackled the issue head-on. Our bold approach put the elephant in the room at the centre of the creative. By acknowledging past criticism with a sense of humour, we allowed Sika to control the conversation around their change of direction; emphasising how SikaBit aligned with, rather than contradicted, their focus on safety.

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A bold, yet ultimately beneficial move, the campaign delivered impressive results.